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To Be Written

Synopses of stories and articles I am currently working on or planning to work on


They say you have your whole life ahead of you to make things right. Maybe that’s why Eden would give up a million suns to forget the summer of 1991. To forget swimming in Lake Abbey, eating Kraft Mac N’ Cheese by the bay. But when every passing day leads back to that July, it’s clear that purgatory does not lie in the hands of the future.
She was fourteen and a half that summer. She was not perfect. But she was close, that she now knows. She was fourteen, had hair to her hips, and was in love. If you asked, she would only recall so much. She’d probably mention Lyla, her best friend ever since she moved to California. And perhaps, on a good day, she’d tell you about her little sister, Shay.
Today, Eden finds pieces of comfort enveloped in remnants of yesterday. However, its cushioned embrace is suffocating as she’s pitted against reality. The novel explores the arduous relationship between the protagonists two years after an abominable disaster.

I am evanescent.

A collection of poetry and prose. Occasional essays regarding renowned artworks such as Thérèse Dreaming.